SkillPop: Credit Card Strategy for Beginners

I attended SkillPop’s Credit Card Strategy for Beginners workshop on Wednesday June 26th 2019 by Nick Persico, featured at Hygge CoWorking in Charlotte. DESCRIPTION Whether you’re renovating your home, paying for a wedding, or planning to travel for work or play and want to save some money; credit card miles and points are a great way to stretch out […]

SkillPop: Fundamental Skills for Leaders

I attended SkillPop’s Fundamental Skills for Leaders workshop on February 18th 2019 by Blair Primis, featured at Bold Missy Brewery in Charlotte. TAUGHT BY Blair Primis LOCATION Bold Missy Brewery DESCRIPTION Ready to dive deeper into exploring effective leadership skills and ideas? In this class, Blair Primis, VP of Marketing for OrthoCarolina will teach on best practices for anyone […]

SkillPop: Blogging Basics

I attended SkillPop’s Blogging Basics workshop on January 3rd 2018 by Chrissie Nelson Rotko, featured at 8.2.0 in Charlotte.     TAUGHT BY Chrissie Nelson Rotko LOCATION 8.2.0 DESCRIPTION Have you thought about starting a blog or do you have one you’d like to dust off, fix up, or polish? In this class Chrissie Nelson Rotko, blogger behind Off the Eaten […]

RCH – Portability and the Mobile Work Force: How Job Changing Impacts Retirement Savings

I attended and helped promote my company’s (Retirement Clearinghouse) webinar, hosted by PLANSPONSOR: Portability and the Mobile Work Force: How Job Changing Impacts Retirement Savings Webinar held on Thursday May 28th 2015 Description: Strategies for Changing Participant Behavior to Improve Retirement Outcomes A large body of research now confirms the magnitude of the leakage problem […]

EBN- Secret Ingredient to Make Your Benefits Communication Stand Out AND Be More Effective

I attended Employee Benefit News’ webinar: Secret Ingredient to Make Your Benefits Communication Stand Out AND Be More Effective May 19, 2015 2 PM ET/11 AM PT Brought to you by Employee Benefit News When it comes to benefits communication, a little humor can go a long way. Done right, it can delight and surprise […]

How To Promote A World Class Webinar

I attended Hubspot’s Webinar: How to Promote a World Class Webinar The webinar about webinars! Webinars have become one of the most effective tools for marketers to generate leads and drive prospects through the buying cycle. Perhaps the biggest challenge for marketers today is driving registration and attendance to their events. In “How to Promote […]

I was the Featured Spartan on Spartans Helping Spartans!

Spartan Insights: Event/Convention/Meeting Planner & Digital Media Specialist w/ Background as a Set Production Assistant in the Film Industry, Kristen Miller. Dave Isbell:  This past week’s Featured Spartan in Linkedin was Kristen Miller, Event/Convention/Meeting Planner & Digital Media Specialist with a background as a Set Production Assistant in the Film Industry. (See her LI profile to view some of […]

Human to Human & the Future of Brand Interaction Webinar

Human to Human & the Future of Brand Interaction Webinar by Brandon Rozelle, Director, Customer Engagement, Rightpoint & Heather Deggans, Senior Director of US Audience Marketing, Microsoft hosted by the American Marketing Association Description of the webinar I attended on Wednesday, April 22nd 2015: Great marketing today starts with the customer. The brand-centric approach of yesterday is quickly being […]

The ABCs of A/B Testing: Optimizing Campaign Performance Webinar

The ABCs of A/B Testing: Optimizing Campaign Performance Webinar by Aaron Bolshaw, Database Marketing Manager, Act-On Software & James Patterson, Manager, Demand Generation, Act-On Software hosted by the American Marketing Association Friday, April 17th 2015 Description of Webinar I attended: You can’t always count on what has worked in the past. Market conditions are constantly changing […]

Lead Nurturing Webinar

How to Test & Optimize Lead Nurturing Strategy Webinar by Gary DeAsi, Senior Manager of Corporate & Digital Marketing & Val Armstrong, Marketing Operations Manager & Rick Decosta, Marketing Production Manager hosted by Marketo on April 9th 2015 Webinar I attended covered: Best practices for A/B testing How to create and design impactful emails and […]