Content Marketing Certification from HubSpot Academy Completed!

Kristen N. Miller Hubspot Content Marketing Certification


Invest Like A Boss


I attended the SkillPop class, Invest Like A Boss, on August 15th, 2017.


Megan Rindskopf & Nick Barringer


Hygge Coworking WEST (Remount Rd. Location)


In this class, you’ll learn how to take control of your finances and invest your money like a pro, leaving with actionable steps to enhance your investment portfolio. We’ll also have plenty of time for open discussion and Q&A so that you will have clarity to invest with confidence.

Hubspot Design Exam – I Passed!

I passed the Hubspot Design Certification Exam!!

Hubspot Academy


Transform your website into a user-focused, personalized tool.

Want to personalize your website so that your customers see something different than your first-time visitors?  Contextual marketing personalizes a user’s experience on your website based on who they are and what they’re looking for.

HubSpot Academy’s Contextual Marketing Certification course shows you how to harness the power of smart content and a personalized website from start to finish.

This training is for you if:

  • You are a HubSpot customer and are HubSpot Marketing Software certified.
  • You are a HubSpot customer with a Professional or Enterprise level account on the COS.
  • You want to learn to use smart content to be on the cutting edge of marketing.


Build Awareness on Pintrest Webinar by Adweek

I attended the Adweek Webinar titled, Build Awareness on Pinterest with Video: How Walgreens Became a Holiday Gifting Destination.

Adweek Webinar: Build Awareness on Pinterest with Video: How Walgreens Became a Holiday Gifting Destination  

Amy Vener, Retail Strategy Lead of Pintrest
Andrea Kaduk, Director, Performance Media of Walgreens
Robyn Phelan, Manager, Performance Media of Walgreens


Walgreens wanted to be seen as a shopping destination for holiday gifts, so last year it turned to Pinterest to help create awareness among its key consumer groups. The campaign took a multimedia approach, combining Static Pins and Video Pins to educate shoppers and drive home brand awareness. The Pinterest program, enhanced by Walgreens’ unique targeting approach, ensured the retailer hit key awareness KPIs

Learn best practices for using Pinterest to connect with customers and drive brand awareness, with practical insights directly from Walgreens and Pinterest. You’ll find out:

  • The key elements of an awareness strategy
  • How different Pin formats, including video, impact campaign performance
  • Measurement best practices for awareness campaigns





Kimberlee BOD/HOA Volunteer Position

The Kimberlee Logo 2017

I am a volunteer for non-profit Co-Op organization, The Kimberlee, Inc., as Secretary on the Board of Directors / HOA Committee.

  • Contribute to creating a strategic vision and implementing yearly goals toward vision
  • Modernize and design all branding materials for print and digital
  • Refresh and responsible for the procedures of the application, interview, and closing process for all potential residents
  • Complete shareholder sales including execution of stock certificates
  • Streamlined communications by taking all paperwork digital
    _i.e. producing a monthly eNewsletter and community notifications using Mailchimp, managing The Kimberlee, Inc. website and listings using Weebly, digitize and organize all past paper files/documents, established an online dropbox and taught residents how the online resources
  • Enhanced existing resident relationships
  • Responsible for all monthly and specialty meeting notes, budget reports and minutes including publication and distribution

SkillPop: Intro to Photo Editing in Lightroom

I attended SkillPop’s Intro to Photo Editing in Lightroom workshop on April 13th 2017 by Erick Hodge, featured at Hygge Coworking in Charlotte.


Erick Hodge

Hygge Coworking

Do your photo editing capabilities max out at doing a little cropping and adding a filter? Let’s take your skill set to the next level! In this class, photographer Erick Hodge will introduce you to the process of editing photos using Lightroom. Come learn some of the ins-and-outs of the program and best practices for editing different types of photos. kick off 2017 with a new (online) you.

Tribe Archipelago
Ben Sasso
Katch Silvia
India Earl

UNCC Marketing Speed Dating Event


I attended as apart of the professional board advising marketing students of UNCC. This event was put on by the UNCC Student AMA Charlotte Chapter and was a huge success! Below is a list of the other professionals that joined me on Monday, February 13th 2017 at the UNCC Campus. At this event, we had 1 professional to 10 students in 10 minutes increments where students could ask questions about your career, how you got where you are today, job hunting and advice for transitioning into the work force.

1.)    Media-Noelle FredicksonRetail Services, VAXN Promotion Manager, WSOC-TV

2.)    Analytics-Daniel BoyceVP, Business Development, MSIGHTS

3.)    Red Ventures-David BusshartCampus Recruiter, Red Ventures

4.)    Marketing Generalist-Daniel BlileyVP Marketing, Passport

5.)    Sales-Brandon BoganProfessional Clothier, Tom James Clothing

6.)    Sports Marketing-Andrea Young, Account Executive, Wolfe Solutions

7.)    Social Media-Kristen MillerDigital Marketing Specialist for Retirement Clearinghouse (Financial Service)

8.)     Services Marketing-Molly HolbertMarketing and Investment Associate, MACC Venture Partners, Century 21 Capstone Commercial Group



SkillPop: Social Media Refresh

I attended SkillPop’s Social Media Refresh workshop on January 12th 2017 by Corri Smith, of Black Wednesday Social Media, featured at Hygge Coworking in Charlotte.


Corri Smith


Hygge Coworking WEST (Remount Rd. Location)


Let’s kick off 2017 with a new (online) you. Whether you’re looking for a revamp or an overhaul, join us for a Social Media workshop to help freshen up your online brand for the new year. Corri Smith of Black Wednesday Social Co. will share social media tips and tricks to help you start the year with success, whether you’re using digital platforms personally or professionally.

CAMA Holiday Party 2016

As the Events Chair on the CAMA Board, I oversaw all logistics and committee organization and collaboration with the other Charlotte Non-Profit Associations in the marketing industry to create a successful Holiday Party. I also worked with the Charlotte Ronald McDonald House to have them as our featured/sponsored charity for this event. We hosted the event at Ink & Ivy in Uptown Charlotte on December 6th 2016.