OTA 3-Day Class: Market Timing

I attended the Online Trading Academy‘s 3-Day Course on Market Timing starting Saturday, March 2nd-4th.


Learn powerful investing lessons such as:
– How to avoid the two most common mistakes novice investors make.
– How to protect and grow your retirement accounts in any market condition.
– How to identify low-risk, high-reward investment opportunities.

We still have some room in this class, so if you haven’t done so already, let us know if you are planning to invite your partner or spouse. We look forward to seeing you in class!



SkillPop: Fundamental Skills for Leaders

I attended SkillPop’s Fundamental Skills for Leaders workshop on February 18th 2019 by Blair Primis, featured at Bold Missy Brewery in Charlotte.

Blair Primis
Bold Missy Brewery

Ready to dive deeper into exploring effective leadership skills and ideas? In this class, Blair Primis, VP of Marketing for OrthoCarolina will teach on best practices for anyone seeking to become a leader of people or currently holding a leadership position. You’ll leave this class with fundamental leadership ideas needed to drive a team, group, or organization forward. With a balance of engagement, instruction, and interactive components – this class will make you think and consider your own leadership style in a new way.

EBRI Webinar: Special Considerations Women Face in Retirement Security

I attended the EBRI webinar titled, Special Considerations Women Face in Retirement Security on Wednesday, February 6th 2019.


Moderated by EBRI President and CEO, Lori Lucas, CFA

Only EBRI brings together unique and unbiased research, industry thought leaders, and all segments of the employee benefits industry to provide unparalleled programming

Jack VanDerhei, Research Director, EBRI, will address The Cost of Living Longer: How Retirement Readiness Varies by Gender and Family Status

Jack VanDerhei, Director of Research, EBRI
Since so many married couples who run short of money in retirement have wives that outlive their husbands, public policy would be improved if retirement income security analysis focused on this impact. Using EBRI’s Retirement Security Projection Model®, a new analysis bifurcates married households into those where the wife outlives the husband, and vice versa. Also examining the retirement income security of single males and single females, we will provide results for each of these categories in aggregate as well as by age cohorts and income quartiles.


Anna M. Rappaport, President, Anna Rappaport Consulting, will cover Women Take the Wheel: Destination Retirement

Anna M. Rappaport, President, Anna Rappaport, Consulting
The retirement journey for women is often very different than that of men. This is the case even though women and men share a number of retirement realities, such as being subject to most of the same risks, being covered by the same employee benefit plans when they work in the same jobs and for married women, generally living in the same household as their husbands. Yet women also often follow different retirement routes than men in several other ways. SOA research consistently shows fairly similar
perceptions about risk by gender, although women often express more concern about some risks. The findings also show that outcomes for women are often very different than outcomes for men due to differences, such as many women living longer than men and spending their last years alone. The purpose of this of this session is to explore these similarities and differences.




BofA Webinar: I’m retiring soon: What is the right strategy for me?

I attended the Bank of America‘s webinar titled, I’m retiring soon: What is the right strategy for me? on Wednesday, February 6th 2019.


Thinking of retiring soon? Before you retire, make sure you have a plan as to how you are going to manage your assets. We’ll look at how to manage your investments in retirement to help make your money last and provide some examples of distribution strategies so that you can find the right strategy for you. We will also provide you with tools and resources to assist you in the process.



BofA Webinar: Top 10 Retirement Planning Mistakes At Any Age

I attended the Bank of America‘s webinar titled, Top 10 Retirement Planning Mistakes At Any Age, on February 6th 2019.

DESCRIPTION: We’ll explore the top 10 retirement planning mistakes that people make and what you can do to avoid them. We’ll discuss how you can get your retirement plan on track regardless of where you are in your career and provide you with related tools and resources to assist you in the process.

BofA Webinar: Retirement Planning: Making your money last.

I attended the Bank of America‘s webinar titled, Retirement Planning: Making your money last, on Tuesday, January 29th 2019.


In this webinar we will show you why the best time to start preparing for retirement is now. We’ll look at how, with an early start and a few simple strategies, you can ensure that your money lasts as long as you do in retirement. We will also provide some steps you can take to reach your goals and review some tools and resources to assist you in this process.



SkillPop: Blogging Basics

I attended SkillPop’s Blogging Basics workshop on January 3rd 2018 by Chrissie Nelson Rotko, featured at 8.2.0 in Charlotte.





Chrissie Nelson Rotko




Have you thought about starting a blog or do you have one you’d like to dust off, fix up, or polish? In this class Chrissie Nelson Rotko, blogger behind Off the Eaten Path, will teach on how to get your blog up and running and spruce up your online space. We’ll cover the fundamentals including coining your blog’s niche, branding, creating your content calendar, and building an audience. Plan to leave this class with plenty tips and tricks that can be applied immediately to an existing blog, or to use as framework for creating a new one.