Salesforce “Insights: Sales Cloud: Design Reports and Dashboards Accelerator Webinar”

I attended the Salesforce “Insights: Sales Cloud: Design Reports and Dashboards Accelerator Webinar” on Wednesday, October 16th 2019. Here, I learned to identify your top prospects, top leads, evaluate marketing campaigns, and track the success of my sales teams using reports and dashboards. In this Webinar Accelerator, a specialist will showed me how to find answers in Salesforce data using solutions that are available out of the box, or available for download in the Salesforce AppExchange.

This session was ideal for:
– You are new to Salesforce.
– You have recently made the transition to Lightning.
– You are unfamiliar with list views, reports and dashboards in Lightning.
– You would like to see the Lightning Report Builder and understand how to use its features.
– Your team is not using reports and dashboards and you would like to understand how to drive utilization.

Topics included:
– Learn best practices for building standard reports and dashboards.
– Learn how to use Report Building using the Lightning Report Builder.
– Learn about resources available to you to help enable your users to build their own reports and dashboards.