I attended #FINCON19 in Washington DC!
FINCON 2019 Washington DC
Below are just a few of the wonderful sessions I was able to attend!

First Timer Orientation
Nick TrueMapped Out Money
In this session, you learn how to make the most of your #FinCon19 experience and be able to connect with other first-time attendees. We’ll also be helping you strategize your goals for the conference and introduce you to long-time FinConners who will give you their best advice on what not to miss, how to connect with others, and rock your first FinCon.

Demystifying the Conversation about Wills and Life Insurance
Andy Hill – Marriage, Kids and Money
Sarah Li CainHigh Fiving Dollars and Beyond the Dollar
Allison KadeFabric
Talk about why wills and life insurance are incredibly important parts of the personal finance conversation. Few people *enjoy* discussing what happens to them if they die . . . but skipping this conversation can leave families seriously unprotected. As parents themselves, all three speakers will talk about what they’ve learned from their own estate planning experiences. They’ll also demystify several key concepts. For example, what’s the deal with term vs. whole life insurance? And how long does it *really* take to write your will?

Exploiting Your Edge as an Amateur Investor
Chris Camillo, Dave Hanson, & Jordan Mclain –
Having amassed over $30 million in investment gains over the past decade, the days of suiting up for a day job and heading to the office are long over for the YouTubers. These self-taught underdogs will teach attendees how to leverage widely available free tools and their own social intelligence to identify game changing investment opportunities that can amplify the returns of a diversified savings and investment strategy. Zero investment literacy required!

Big Idea Presentation
Tanja Hester – Work Optional / Our Next Life

Tanja Hester FINCON Big Idea Presenter #FINCON19 Work Optional Our Next Life


Keynote Speaker
Ramit SethiI Will Teach You To Be Rich and

Ramit Sethi FINCON Keynote #FINCON19 I Will Teach You to Be Rich

Ramit Sethi I Will Teach You To Be Rich Version 2 Booksigning FINCON 2019

Leveraging FI to Build a Better Life and Do Better Work
Brad BarrettChooseFI
Michael Robinson – Uncommon Dream
Julien Saunders – rich & REGULAR
As the FIRE movement is exploding around the country, some FIRE thought leaders are shifting the message. This next wave of FI is less focused on “never work again” or drinks on the beach for 30 years. Instead, they are teaching how to use financial freedom in each step of the journey to build a better life and do meaningful work. FI creates options, and our panelists have used that freedom to build online work and a lifestyle they love! Hear how the message is shifting and how financial freedom can help you create work that’s worthwhile.

Overcoming Adversity on the Path Towards Financial Independence
Billy Banholzer – Wealth Well Done
Deanna Broaddus – Ms. Fiology
Christopher Gables –
Fred Leamnson – Money with a Purpose
Most paths to financial independence are anything but linear. We experience challenges in life that threaten to derail our financial progress. Four individuals have overcome extreme adversity such as addiction, poverty, the death of a child, debt, foreclosure, near death, hospitalization, legal chargers, and incarceration. Discover the common threads in each experience that cultivate the character to survive, overcome seemly insurmountable odds, break free from the chains of debt, rebuild their lives, and thrive in their pursuit of financial independence. It’s the challenges in life that reveal the grit, perseverance, and purpose in our journey. In the face of obstacles, we were not yet equipped to conquer, a mindset of growth and hope allowed us to prevail. Learning to see obstacles as problems to be solved, is what has allowed each panelist to find their successes and experience purpose in life. If we can do it, you can do it.

Credit Card Trends to Watch in 2020 and What They Mean for Cardholders
Sebastian Fung – Ask Sebby
Beverly Harzog – U.S. News & World Report
Matt Schulz –
Taylor TepperWirecutter
Claire Tsosie – NerdWallet
As consumer spending on credit cards increases, issuers are boosting rewards and benefits on dining and travel cards — but at the same time, they’re trimming other perks such as price protection. Sign-up bonuses are larger than ever, but the spending requirements they come with continue to grow and new restrictions can make it harder for applicants to get approved. In this panel, a group of credit card experts will discuss what trends your readers and listeners can expect in 2020, and what it could mean for their credit card strategy.

Talk Investing to Me: Important Terms to Know in Simple English
Kelly LannanFidelity Investments
Erin Lowry – Broke Millennial
Investing gets a bad rap for being complicated, and the financial services industry hasn’t always done a great job making it simple. Kelly Lannan, Fidelity, will help break down important investing terms to know using language that makes sense.

Who’s Keeping Score Now–and How? Answering your Questions About the Rapidly Changing World of Credit Reports and Credit Scores
Rod GriffinExperian
Credit reporting and credit scoring have seen significant changes in the past year. Join Rod Griffin, Experian’s Director of Consumer Education and Advocacy, for a discussion about the evolution of credit reports and scores and how recent changes may affect your audiences’ financial lives.

Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts: 2 Case Studies in Blog Collaboration
Erin Chase – $5 Dinners
Tom Drake – MapleMoney
J.D. Roth – Get Rich Slowly
Philip Taylor – PT Money
Jim WangWallet Hacks
Content creation can be a lonely endeavor. As a blogger or podcaster or blogger, you sit around in your underwear all day, putting stuff on the interwebs and hoping somebody will notice. How do you keep from going insane? More to the point, how do you grow your project while reaching a wider audience? Through partnership and collaboration, that’s how. This panel of long-time creators — with more than 50 years of experience combined! — will share how they’ve built their brands and businesses (and themselves) by working with others. They’ll discuss partnerships, masterminds, networking, and more. Come learn about the power of relationships and social capital. Stop going it alone.

How to Build a $1 Million Blog
Why do some blogs become multi-million dollar businesses while others struggle to survive? In this workshop Rob Berger will show you exactly how he started from scratch and built a 7 figure blog.

A Step-by-Step Podcast Production Workflow to Run Your Own Show
Paula Pant – Afford Anything
Let’s talk specifics. How do you produce a high-quality podcast on a weekly (or more frequent) basis? Podcaster Paula Pant, whose show has more than 5 million downloads, will reveal her exact, step-by-step workflow, including the checklists, spreadsheets and tools that she uses to make podcast production as efficient and high-quality as possible. She’ll also share secret tips on how to land excellent guests and increase community involvement. You’ll leave with a strong knowledge of exactly how to produce, manage and run a podcast.