Adweek Webinar: 7 Key Insights Into Social Strategy: Defining Its Role in Brand Marketing

I attended the Adweek webinar, “7 Key Insights Into Social Strategy: Defining Its Role in Brand Marketing.”



Social media marketing changes rapidly, but do you know how your company’s strategy is faring? How prepared are you to take advantage of social’s next big leap? What do marketers want from their social analytics solutions? Social analytics platform NetBase surveyed more than 1,700 marketing professionals to get their insights on where brand marketing programs stand today, how they are evolving, and the cutting-edge practices used to measure success.

Executives from NetBase will present the key findings from the 2019 Global Social Media Market Survey and provide detailed insights on how senior marketers are using social media channels and analytics to grow their businesses. You’ll find out:

  • Who heads social and why it matters
  • The roles and expectations of brands versus agencies
  • Insights on best practices in community engagement, campaign strategy, customer care, and real-time crisis tracking