Adweek Webinar: Prepare for a Video-First World: It’s All About Omnichannel Experiences

I attended the Adweek webinar, Prepare for a Video-First World: It’s All About Omnichannel Experiences by Jim Nail and Paul Sluberski.


With connected TV and mobile infrastructure both primed, video is exploding as a communication medium—especially in advertising. It is quickly becoming consumers’ preferred way to access news, information and entertainment online, just as it has always been the preferred offline source. With consumers already ignoring classifications like “online” and “offline,” marketers must adapt their ability to create omnichannel video campaigns that blend the best of “digital” and “traditional” skills.

Hear from guest speaker Jim Nail, principal analyst at Forrester, along with Paul Sluberski, VP of video at Brand Networks, for insights into the current state of video. You’ll learn:

  • How to approach advertising in a video-first world
  • What an omnichannel video campaign looks like today
  • Trends and best practices to help you succeed in your video approach


Jim Nail
Principal Analyst
Forrester Research

Jim is a principal analyst serving B2C marketers. He leads Forrester’s coverage of the data-driven buying of television and video ads, marketing measurement platforms and services, new marketing frameworks for the “post digital” age, and the ascendance of consumers looking for brands that align to their social, political and environmental values.

Paul Sluberski
VP of Video
Brand Networks

Paul has played key roles in bringing new advertising products to market in the video space for nearly 20 years. As the VP of video at Brand Networks, he serves as a senior advisor to dozens of top brands and agencies, leveraging his extensive experience with emerging media technology and best practices to help partners drive performance through video and interactive media.

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