Adweek Webinar: Create a High-Fidelity Voice Experience

I attended the Adweek webinar, Create a High-Fidelity Voice Experience: 6 Ways Entertainment Brands are Leading the Way


The rise of voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri and Microsoft Cortana is creating new ways for consumers to access and interact with content. Interactive voice apps offer an entirely new medium for entertainment brands to activate and engage fans, as stories and characters come to life in conversational experiences.

Find out from some of the creative leaders in voice AI how top entertainment brands are distributing content and engaging fans through voice technology. You’ll learn:

  • Best practices for designing high-fidelity voice experiences
  • How top TV networks, radio broadcasters and video game publishers are activating fans through voice
  • Ways that conversational AI is being used for audio storytelling


Doug Rozen
Chief Media Officer

Doug became 360i’s first-ever chief media officer earlier this year, responsible for further expanding the agency’s media capabilities. He joined from OMD, where he drove all digital and innovation activities.

Zach Johnson
CEO and Founder

Zach founded Xandra, a leading independent conversation design studio incorporating user experience, creative writing and custom audio for immersive, interactive voice applications on Amazon Alexa and Google Home smart speaker devices.

Oren Jacob
CEO and Cofounder

Oren cofounded PullString and has been its CEO for seven years, helping to lead the field of computer conversation. Prior to that, he was an entrepreneur in residence at August Capital. A filmmaker and technologist, he spent over 20 years at Pixar, most recently as CTO and director of the Studio Tools group.



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