Hubspot Master Class: Designing Bot Experiences

I attended the Hubspot Master Class: Designing Bot Experiences: Personality, Copywriting, & Performance on April 6th 2018.

Featuring Conversational Marketing Strategist, Brian Bagdasarian, and Botsociety Co-founder Vittorio Banfi.

Chatbots offer up innumerable opportunities for marketers to create impactful, one-to-one experiences for their audience. With a renewed focus on the vast potential of conversational marketing, marketers and entrepreneurs the world over are learning the dos and don’ts of building bot experiences that leave a lasting impression and build brand value.

In this HubSpot Academy Master Class, join Co-Founder of BotSociety, Vittorio Banfi, and HubSpot Conversational Marketing Strategist, Brian Bagdasarian, to learn how to design bot experiences. You’ll leave knowing how to create a personality that reflects your brand, the nuances of bot copywriting, and of course, measuring the performance and impact of your bot.