Hubspot Master Class: The Role of Bots in Marketing

I attended the Hubspot Master Class: The Role of Bots in Marketing online webinar!

Tuesday, February 13th @ 12noon EST.

Class Description:

You’ve probably heard: Bots are the future. In fact, if you’re wondering today whether or not your business should create a bot, the answer is likely a resounding “yes.” The question is – where do you start? Bots offer unlimited opportunities to automate and accelerate digital interactions with your prospects, customers, partners, and even employees.

You can build a bot to qualify leads on your website, or to support your customers with relevant training content. HubSpot’s sales enablement team even created a bot that provides our sales teams supporting content and advice to help them close deals! As a digital marketer, if you find yourself doing a repetitive and monotonous task, you’ve likely found yourself an opportunity to build yourself out of the equation entirely.

In this master class, join conversational marketing manager, Connor Cirillo, and conversational marketing strategist, Brian Bagdasarian, to learn the diverse roles that bots can play in your inbound marketing strategy.