3 Ways to Personalize your Marketing Campaigns Webinar

3 Ways to Personalize your Marketing Campaigns Webinar presented by the American Marketing Association in partnership with IBM.


Christian Parker, Marketing and Customer Experience SME, IBM Cognitive Engagement Solutions, Watson Marketing.

Chris leads client discussions regarding industry trends, marketing ecosystems and solution best practices.  Prior to joining IBM, he was the VP of Marketing Insights & Analytics at Huntington National Bank.  During his time with Huntington, Chris was instrumental in the implementation of the IBM Marketing Solution product suite and led Huntington’s real-time personalization initiative overseeing strategy, offer development, execution and reporting.
He has extensive experience with project/program management, list/data management and marketing campaign execution.  Chris has been in banking for over 20 years with the last 14 years in a marketing management role.



Every customer touchpoint is an opportunity to engage clients, deliver value and build your company’s brand loyalty. With new communication channels constantly emerging, it becomes difficult for Marketers to effectively engage and personalize customer content. Marketers know personalization is key, but struggle to keep up with the emergence of new channels and getting the right message across.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why you should personalize your campaigns in real-time
  • How you can leverage deep customer insights to improve your campaigns
  • How you can setup dynamic and automated customer experience