Kimberlee BOD/HOA Volunteer Position

The Kimberlee Logo 2017

I am a volunteer for non-profit Co-Op organization, The Kimberlee, Inc., as Secretary on the Board of Directors / HOA Committee.

  • Contribute to creating a strategic vision and implementing yearly goals toward vision
  • Modernize and design all branding materials for print and digital
  • Refresh and responsible for the procedures of the application, interview, and closing process for all potential residents
  • Complete shareholder sales including execution of stock certificates
  • Streamlined communications by taking all paperwork digital
    _i.e. producing a monthly eNewsletter and community notifications using Mailchimp, managing The Kimberlee, Inc. website and listings using Weebly, digitize and organize all past paper files/documents, established an online dropbox and taught residents how the online resources
  • Enhanced existing resident relationships
  • Responsible for all monthly and specialty meeting notes, budget reports and minutes including publication and distribution