Human to Human & the Future of Brand Interaction Webinar

Human to Human & the Future of Brand Interaction Webinar
by Brandon Rozelle, Director, Customer Engagement, Rightpoint
& Heather Deggans, Senior Director of US Audience Marketing, Microsoft
hosted by the American Marketing Association

Description of the webinar I attended on Wednesday, April 22nd 2015:

Great marketing today starts with the customer. The brand-centric approach of yesterday is quickly being replaced by buyer-driven everything. Customers now dictate the style, quantity and mediums that marketers must use to reach them and win their business and loyalty. We are now entering a world where human to human marketing pervades both traditional b2b or b2c interactions.

So, what is Human to Human? It’s a movement we’re seeing in digital strategy that focuses on fluidity of functionality, content, design and even the delivery method.

Perhaps you don’t have a mechanism to easily personalize content that will attract more buyers and instead are working with a disjointed mess of technologies that inhibit your organization’s ability to meet your customers’ digital expectations. Perhaps you have not considered how mobility is impacting how audiences (want to) engage. You recognize you need a fresh perspective on your digital strategy that will give you a competitive edge. But where do you start?

Join us to explore how to adopt this human to human movement and reimagine tapping into the possibilities represented by digital connections between the people, devices, and systems that make up our world.


  • An understanding of why the modern evolution of the digital encounter defies past 20 years of customer engagement
  • Why Human to Human is industry agnostic and pervades what we traditionally consider b2b or b2c interactions
  • A strategic framework you can adopt to bring your customer into focus, market at the speed of life, and win in the digital landscape