Your Strategic Career: The Importance of Personal Branding Workshop

Your Strategic Career: The Importance of Personal Branding Lecture
by Kseniya Martin
hosted by the Charlotte American Marketing Association
on Thursday April, 2nd 2015

Description of the workshop I attended:
“Personal branding is such a hot topic right now yet so few people take it seriously until they experience a missed opportunity (a dream job, a client, etc.). Your online personal brand, or lack thereof, speaks volumes. Everyone uses the internet to find a solution to a problem, whether they’re looking to hire someone for an open position at their company, a product or service that fills a business need, a business partner, an investor, etc. If you have something to give, if you have something to sell, if you want a new job, you want to be found.

However, you want to be more than just be found. You want them to find the best version of you, the one that will help them with whatever problem they need solved by an expert like you. This is why you must take control of your personal brand. People do business with those they know, like, and trust. If they can’t find anything on you, they will find someone else to hire.”

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