JDF Golf Tournament 2013

JDF Golf Tournament 2013

The Jayden DeLuca Foundation was established in 2008 to honor Jayden Riley DeLuca, who passed away due to a cardiac condition.

Her parents, Jeremy and Karalie, are continuing to work with the AHA, but are also looking to help childrens’ hospitals, and families of cardiac children. They believe that Jayden made such an impact in the lives of those people around her, it is only fitting that The Jayden DeLuca Foundation now do the same.

It was established with the goal of helping other children and their families fight cardiac diseases and offer support and encouragement to all those affected by pediatric heart conditions.

The foundation looks to promote awareness of cardiac diseases and to aide in further scientific and medical research of pediatric heart conditions.

There needs to be more research and more time devoted to helping those who face this problem. Sadly,  the necessary technology that could have saved Jayden DeLuca didn’t exist when she needed it. But that can be changed. Our hope is, that soon, pediatric cardiac conditions will be completely manageable or will be a thing of the past altogether.

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