Adweek Webinar: 7 Key Insights Into Social Strategy: Defining Its Role in Brand Marketing

I attended the Adweek webinar, “7 Key Insights Into Social Strategy: Defining Its Role in Brand Marketing.”



Social media marketing changes rapidly, but do you know how your company’s strategy is faring? How prepared are you to take advantage of social’s next big leap? What do marketers want from their social analytics solutions? Social analytics platform NetBase surveyed more than 1,700 marketing professionals to get their insights on where brand marketing programs stand today, how they are evolving, and the cutting-edge practices used to measure success.

Executives from NetBase will present the key findings from the 2019 Global Social Media Market Survey and provide detailed insights on how senior marketers are using social media channels and analytics to grow their businesses. You’ll find out:

  • Who heads social and why it matters
  • The roles and expectations of brands versus agencies
  • Insights on best practices in community engagement, campaign strategy, customer care, and real-time crisis tracking

PLANSPONSOR Webinar: Anatomy of a Recession: Preparing for Risk When the Markets are High

I attended the PLANSPONSOR Webinar, “Anatomy of a Recession: Preparing for Risk When the Markets are High.


Explore the complex relationship between market drawdowns and recessions, referencing the current state of the U.S. economy, trade concerns, global growth, the U.S. dollar, corporate earnings and “QE”, central bank policies and the outlook for markets outside the U.S.
Learning Objectives:
  • How to distinguish between signal and noise for large market drawdowns
  • Identify key drivers of asset prices over the next year
  • Understand the economy and how recessions impact the markets
  • Understand where we are in the current economic cycle, based on ClearBridge’s key economic indicators
  • Understand the importance of the consumer for the U.S. economy
Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
Principal & Chief Investment Officer, MRP Retire
Cameron has worked as an analyst and portfolio manager for mutual fund portfolios at Wells Capital Management and Invesco and has specialized in investing in the telecom, technology, and energy sectors. He graduated from the University of North…
Webinar hosting presenter
Senior Investment Strategist with Global Retirement Partners, LLC and an Investment Advisory Representative with Renaissance Benefit Advisors Group
At GRP, Patrick is responsible for the construction, marketing and distribution of the firm’s series of collective investment trust funds. Patrick is also charged with managing a proprietary due diligence and reporting platform available to GRP…
Webinar hosting presenter
Director, Investment Strategist ClearBridge Investments
Jeffrey oversees capital market and economic research, contributing thought leadership on these topics that is frequently quoted in the financial media, including the Wall Street Journal, CNBC and CNN. He joined ClearBridge Investments in 2014 and…




The Hoth Webinar: Advanced Link Building: Everything You Need To Know In 2019

I attended The Hoth Webinar: Advanced Link Building: Everything You Need To Know In 2019

Webinar Agenda
Advanced Link Building 
First, we’ll dive into advanced link building strategies that are helping sites take over the first page of Google in 2019.
Common Link Building Mistakes
Next, we’ll show you the most common link building mistakes that might be holding you back, and how to fix them!
Then, we’ll host a Q+A session where you can ask us anything you’d like about SEO, The HOTH, you name it!



Canva for Business

I attended the Mecklenburg Main Library’s course for adults, titled, “Canva for Business” lead by instructor, De’Trice J. Fox on Monday, July 15th 2019.


De’Trice J. Fox, MBA, MS, MLIS

Librarian: Adult Services

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

Main Library: Job Help Center

310 North Tryon St.

704.416.0500 (main) 704.416.0502 (direct)



SkillPop: Credit Card Strategy for Beginners

I attended SkillPop’s Credit Card Strategy for Beginners workshop on Wednesday June 26th 2019 by Nick Persico, featured at Hygge CoWorking in Charlotte.


Whether you’re renovating your home, paying for a wedding, or planning to travel for work or play and want to save some money; credit card miles and points are a great way to stretch out the cash you are already planning to spend. For some people, it’s best to use a single cash back credit card. For others, it may be most beneficial to have 3-4 cards working together to help hit your goals. In this class, we’ll explore a framework for utilizing credit card miles and points to determine what works best for your specific situation and goals. Plan to walk away with a better understanding and direction for designing and utilizing a strategy that works best for you and/or your family.


Please bring your preferred method of note taking.


Anyone who is looking to get a deeper understanding of how to navigate the world of credit card points and miles.

OTA Webinar: Are you paving a path to #wealth?

I attended the Online Trading Academy‘s Webinar: Are you paving a path to #wealth? on Thursday, June 20th via YouTube.

Presented by Merlin Rothfeld
For many, getting #rich is just a pipe dream given the #debt they are saddled with and the difficulty they have making ends meet each month. But with a plan, hard work and some discipline, that can change. In this webinar we will look at the formula for #wealth and the four factors you want working in your favor. Get rich quick schemes are just scams but if you want to change your financial future, join us for this webinar and learn how to do it the right way.

PLANSPONSOR Webinar: Getting the Most Out of Retirement Plan Solutions

I attended the PLANSPONSOR webinar, Getting the Most Out of Retirement Plan Solutions, held on Tuesday, June 18th 2019.

Getting the Most Out of Retirement Plan Solutions

June 18, 2019 02:00 PM EDT

In the universe of retirement options, there are a lot of bright stars—401(k)s, IRAs, Roth 401(k)s, and more. And while each of these plans offers its own distinct advantages, shining among them in the retirement stratosphere is the often-overlooked HSA (health savings account). HSAs have gained tremendous popularity thanks to their ability to create peace of mind today, while generating income for the future.

Our expert panelists—Matt Clarkin, President and Co-founder of Access Point HSA and Matt Richardson, SVP, Sales Manager at UMB Healthcare Services—will discuss how HSAs complement the range of other retirement plans and what to look for in an HSA custodian partner. Join us as we discuss:

  • What’s fueling the rising tide of HSA adoption.
  • How HSAs stack up against other retirement savings options.
  • The role and opportunity for both financial advisors and plan sponsors to implement HSAs as part of a well-rounded offering.
Matt Clarkin
Access Point HSA

Matt Clarkin is President of Access Point HSA, a Rhode Island-based consulting firm serving all stakeholders in the HDHP/HSA marketplace. Matt recently introduced a subscription-free HSA provider database, called HSA Vista, as well as the creation of a first-of-its kind, advisor-focused HSA designation program: Certified Health Savings Adviser. Matt holds a Bachelor of Science with honors from Bryant University and is Certified in Healthcare Consumerism.

Matt Richardson
Senior Vice President & Sales Manager
UMB Healthcare Services

Matt Richardson serves as senior vice president, sales manager for Healthcare Services. In this role, he leads the sales team in developing new partnerships with health plans, third party administrators and technology companies to provide time tested healthcare payment and custodial solutions.

Additionally, he is a well-known and widely respected industry expert, consistently advocating for the use and expansion of tax-advantaged benefit payment accounts for the healthcare industry. He currently serves on the membership committee for the Employers Council on Flexible Compensation (ECFC).

Prior to joining UMB, Matt was vice president of HSA sales and client experience at Fifth Third Bank for six years. He held other roles at Fifth Third Bank for an entire tenure of sixteen years.

John Keefe
Contributing Editor

John Keefe is a veteran writer on many financial topics – the US economy, financial markets, institutional investing, and the US retirement industry. He has written frequently for publications such as PLANSPONSOR and PLANADVISER, Financial Times, Institutional Investor, and CBS MoneyWatch. He also co-authored Winning at Active Management with investment management legend William Priest in 2015. John is based in New York.

Prior to his work in journalism he was an auditor at a large accounting firm, an equity analyst on the sell side of Wall Street, and worked in financial roles at several technology companies.

John graduated from Villanova University with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, and from the University of Pennsylvania with an MBA in finance.


Access the slides here.

Salesforce Camp Success Lightning

I attended Salesforce Camp Success Lightening in Charlotte, which focused on getting your team started on Lightening Salesforce (switching from Classic).


Camp Success Lightning- Charlotte

Monday, June 17, 2019
8:30 AM – 5:00 PM EDT

AvidXchange Inc.
1210 AvidXchange Lane, Charlotte, NC 28206


Join us for an exclusive one-day event in Charlotte to learn how to plan and implement your Lightning Experience, led by Salesforce product experts and Customer Success Group.

Learn what Lightning can do to improve your business processes in Salesforce, how to build an ROI to transition to Lightning, and the options you have to implement it across your organization. Whether you are just learning about Lightning or even if you have already begun your transition to Lightning, we have something for you!

Engage in powerful roundtable discussions during Circles of Success, bring your laptop to gain hands-on expertise during our workshop and network with your local peers during lunch.

We look forward to guiding you in your Lightning transition journey.


8:30 AM – Arrivals & Registration
9:15 AM – Salesforce Welcome and Presentation: Why Lightning?
10:00 AM – Business Leader-oriented Sessions #1
11:00 AM – Business Leader-oriented Sessions #2
12:00 PM – Networking Lunch
1:00 PM – Technical/Admin-oriented Sessions #3
2:00 PM – Technical/Admin-oriented Sessions #4
3:00 PM – Presentation: Incrementalism in Lightning Service
4:00 PM – Networking Event and Wrap-up
5:00 PM – Departures

Hands On Workshops:
– Move Your Classic App to Lightning
– Lightning App Builder: Setting up Lightning Pages

Circles of Success:
– Accelerate Productivity and Adoption with Lightning
– Change Management – How to Successfully Transition to Lightning
– The Ways to Move to Lightning & How the Lightning Transition Toolkit Can Help
– Leverage Premier to Accelerate your Lightning Transition
– Leverage Salesforce Architects and Lightning Boost Services

Consultation Tables:
– Lightning Readiness Review
– Making the Case to Transition to Lighting (ROI)
– Transition Javascript and Visualforce pages to Lightning

– Incrementalism in Lightning Service – Learn how to re-think your implementations and lifecycle of the Customer Experience on the Lightning Platform.

* Attendees will have an opportunity to select from options upon arrival on a first-come first serve basis.