Camp Mustache (virtual FI Summit) 2020

I attended the virtual Camp Mustache on Sunday, May 24th 2020 where the headline speaker was Vicki Robinson!

Camp Mustache virtual 2020 FI Summit FIRE Vicki Robinson
Vicki is a prolific social innovator, writer and speaker. She is coauthor with Joe Dominguez of the international best-seller, “Your Money or Your Life: Transforming Your Relationship With Money and Achieving Financial Independence.” It was an instant NY Times best seller in 1992 and steadily appeared on the Business Week Best Seller list from 1992-1997. It is available now in eleven languages.

“Blessing the Hands that Feed Us; Lessons from a 10-mile diet” recounts her adventures in hyper-local eating and what she learned about food and farming as well as belonging and hope. Called by the New York Times as the “prophet of consumption downsizers,” Vicki has lectured widely and appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows, including “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” “Good
Morning America” and National Public Radio’s “Weekend Edition” and “Morning Edition”; she has also been featured in hundreds of magazines including People Magazine, AARP, The Wall Street Journal, Woman’s Day, Newsweek, Utne Magazine, and the New York Times.

Vicki has helped launch many sustainability initiatives including: The New Road Map Foundation, The Simplicity Forum, The Turning Tide Coalition, Sustainable Seattle, The Center for a New American Dream, Transition Whidbey, Your Money or Your Life Community, Local Food Challenge, Conversation Cafe and more.

Vicki is active in her Whidbey Island. WA community on a range of social and environmental issues: affordable housing, local food, community investing and more. For fun, she is a comedy improv actress, sings in a choir, gardens and nurtures a diverse circle of friends.

Camp Mustache virtual 2020 FI Summit FIRE Volunteers Joe Goldberg Kristin Hoeflin Alma M. Lugtu
Meet your volunteer Organizers!

Joe Goldberg is co-founder of Camp Mustache who lives with his partner and 3 kids in Cascadia, between Lake Washington and the Salish Sea. When he’s not planning FIRE retreats, you can find Joe on his bike, or with his nose in a good book.

Kristin Hoeflin is a co-founder of Camp Mustache and loves having fun, and meeting and connecting people. She believes that when people who share a common passion are brought together, ideas and positive changes can be made.

Alma M. Lugtu retired in 2012 in her 30s after working in sales and as a lawyer, plus investing in real estate. Five years into retirement, her husband unexpectedly passed away at age 40. Now, Alma is working on this question – what to do in retirement when all of your life plans change?

Adweek Webinar: Deliver Thumb-Stopping Social Video: Top Trends in Motion Graphics

I attended the AdWeek webinar, Deliver Thumb-Stopping Social Video: Top Trends in Motion Graphics, on Thursday April 30th 2020.


Even before the Covid-19 pandemic caused social media usage to soar, content teams globally struggled to develop new, interactive designs amid a constantly evolving market of devices and platforms. Adobe’s recent State of Creativity 2020 report shows that 81% of brands reported that cutting through the noise and holding customers’ attention has become increasingly difficult over the past few years.

Join experts from Adobe and Facebook who will examine the pitfalls to avoid and explore the latest design and motion techniques to deliver creative that performs. Additionally, they will discuss production challenges that have arisen with the recent cancellation of live shoots and provide alternatives that  teams can use to keep creating. You’ll find out:

  • The latest motion techniques for social & mobile
  • Best practices to optimize your creative for Facebook and Instagram
  • Production strategies for the current market environment

Tim Bigelow, Senior Manager Strategic Development
Adobe Stock
Tim collaborates with the global creative content licensing communities to help shape the future of Adobe Stock. A long-time licensing professional, Tim is passionate about helping content creators monetize their work and global enterprises accelerate their creative workflows.

Brenda Milis, Principal of Creative Services & Visual Trends
Adobe Stock
A photo industry veteran and experienced creative director, Brenda leads the Creative Services group servicing the visual needs of top enterprise clients, identifying visual trends, and curating content.

Adweek Webinar: Increase Email Open Rates and Deliverability: Improve Your Security Posture

I attended the AdWeek webinar, Increase Email Open Rates and Deliverability: Improve Your Security Posture, on Thursday April 16th 2020.


Email marketers are always in search of that secret potion that gives their messages greater visibility, higher open rates and improved deliverability. An emerging standard—BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification)—may do just that by displaying your brand logo at the inbox level. This feature, available to brands with validated, best-in-class email security, will help you stand out in crowded inboxes, and initial pilots have shown a 10% increase in email deliverability and 10% higher open rates.

Hear from leading email validation and security service Valimail about BIMI and how brands and agencies can use it to improve email marketing performance. You’ll find out:

  • The marketing benefits of BIMI, including improvement in deliverability, open rates and millions of new impressions
  • How BIMI can provide other benefits related to trusted email, trusted domains and no BEC/phish
  • How to  make the case for BIMI to your IT department

Danny Williams, SVP Growth Marketing at Valimail
Danny leads growth initiatives, business intelligence, and operations for Vailmail. With his team he identifies early marketing trends and works passionately to land the right message to the right person at the right time.

Samantha Iodice, Director of Digital Solutions at Brierley
A proud email geek, Samantha applies a breadth of tech knowledge coupled with holistic strategic insights to develop innovative relationship models delivering impactful, human connections between brands and consumers.

ChooseFI Academy: FI101

I completed the ChooseFI FI101 Academy 10-week course which outlines the path to Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE).

At ChooseFI, we believe one of the most powerful indicators of success for taking control of your money is surrounding yourself with like-minded people. But we recognize that is not always easy when we are submersed in the most marketed-to, consumption-based society the world has ever known. It’s truly a challenge when almost anything you can imagine is at your fingertips with a single click, without ever getting off the couch, and sometimes delivered in the same day! On top of that, taking control of your own money can put you in the minority with co-workers, friends, and even family. So where do we turn in a world like this? The path of good finances shouldn’t be a singular or lonely one.

This is where the FI community has been a bright spot in the world. With conferences like FinCon and CampFI, huge active Facebook groups, and more recently live local meetups in cities all over the world, the FI community has committed to making smart money decisions easier through the creation of a community of like-minded people. This course is no different. We will have a place to call home, ask any questions, money-related or not, and more importantly feel connected with a large group of people making both big and small money choices everyday to reclaim their money story.

The Blueprint for Financial Independence consists of these 10 steps:

  1. Track every dollar you spend for 90 days.
  2. Save $1,000 in the bank as a crisis fund.
  3. Commit to no new debt.
  4. Ask, “Does your employer match retirement savings?”
  5. Forever pay off all debt (except mortgage and student loans under 5%).
  6. Save to complete a 3-6 month emergency fund.
  7. Plan your savings roadmap.
  8. Evaluate your insurance needs.
  9. Plan for college.
  10. Write your investment plan down.


Adweek Webinar: The Most Important Trends Digital Marketers Need to Know: Elevate Your Strategy in 2020

I attended the AdWeek webinar, The Most Important Trends Digital Marketers Need to Know: Elevate Your Strategy in 2020, recorded on Wednesday, March 4th 2020.



Jay Pattisall, Principal Analyst, Forrester
Michelle Michael, VP/GM, Media Solutions Brand Networks


Digital marketing has been going through rapid upheaval. Brands that cut corners will miss the opportunity to differentiate themselves and stand out from the crowd. This is the year they must advance their advertising strategies across digital channels by integrating data-informed audience targeting, optimization and creative customization to generate more relevant, customer-centric campaigns.

Join guest speaker Jay Pattisall, Forrester principal analyst, and Michele Michael, GM of Brand Networks Media Solutions, for a candid look at the key trends affecting digital advertising. You’ll find out:

  • The top trends driving consumers’ changing media and advertising consumption
  • How brands can rethink their approach to media and creative to drive differentiation while generating more impactful ad experiences
  • How to develop a seamless audience targeting strategy tailored to today’s consumers